To Make Your New Hair Grow Faster

The person who doesn’t have hair, only she feels the pain about it. You praise him, who is just standing in front of you who has huge hair on his head. Dispose sigh at the thought of your own hair. Beautiful and gorgeous hair adds another dimension in your look. It also raises your self-confidence. You start thinking when this hair starts to fall. But if you take proper step in time, then new hair would grow said the experts.

Every morning you can see the hair lying on a pillow. While combing hair a flurry of hair coming up together with comb! Huge hair falls? Your forehead would see, then what will you do? Previous thick braid became narrow. The hair do not girded in your hand bun. Boys’ forehead would increase, in the middle of the head would thinning and hair drop, then become bald head!

hair do not girded in your hand bun

With the passage of time it is very simple to reduce hair, but on the other hand it is very painful for the teenagers, said beauty expert Natisha Dena. According to her, there are some reasons behind hair loss or dropout. The hair may fall due to heredity, stress, loss of disease resistance, Excessive dust & sand, food disorders, vitamin deficiency, sleep disorders, cannot clear skin regularly, infection of the scalp, dandruff, smoking, use of excessive drugs at pregnancy etc. 

Nutrient-rich foods should be taken properly, because if you do not take proper protein, then your hair would not get right nutrient. You need sufficient sleep and avoid sunny weather and dust & sand. Take care of your hair and you can reduce hair fall by abiding this instruction. Some hair may fall in the normal course of vulnerable, in that case, there is nothing to worry about said Natisha Dena. New hair would grow by falling older delicate and fragile hair. You can take some special treatment for growing of new hair. In consultation with the specialist doctor or Beauty Care Center.

In the ancient time, they used herbal treatment system for the care of hair. By those herbal treatment hair would be beautiful. The real beauty of the hair would increase said beauty expert Natisha Dena. She also said that, we have to take special care of our hair to prevent spill and broke hair. He suggests a special way to grow new hair.

Ingredients: Black cumin 1 teaspoon, Fenugreek 50gm, Cloves 2 piece, China Rose 2 piece, Lemon 1 piece, Curry leaves 10gm, Coconut oil 1 teaspoon Onion 2 pieces Amla 2 pieces. Mix all materials and make pest.


Cloves and Lemon: helps to remove the skin infection of the head.

Fenugreek: it reduces dandruff.

China rose: it makes hair sparkling and smooth and extended hair.

Curry leaves: grow new hair, conditioning hair, strong hair roots and reduce hair fall.

Onion: Onion has Carotene, it makes hair black and help to extend new hair.


How to use:

Use this pack 3 days in a week if you have an excessive hair fall. Keep it at least 1 hour and wash it. After using this pack you can wash hair with only water. No need to use shampoo.



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