The 1999 Sci-Fi Movie The Matrix Is Coming Back Nearly 20 Years Later.

Oh! Really it’s great news, the 1999’s sci-fi movie The Matrix is coming back nearly 20 years later. The action film is SO iconic and was absolutely groundbreaking with its picturesque special effects and 20 years later Motion pictures/entertainment company, Warner Brothers thinks it is time to dirt off the plot about a COMPUTER HACKER who detects another reality.

Even if it is reportedly in the early stages of development, The Hollywood Reporter says that the studio has already recruited, Zak Penn (48) the screenwriter to write a treatment and is looking at hottie actor Michael B. Jordan (30) as a possible lead.

In the project, the fans of The Matrix and its2 sequels would want the [Wachowski siblings] involved somehow as they wrote and directed all 3 of the movies. To the new film, at this point, the brothers-turned-sisters are not attached and hopefully, the studio will at least get their stamp of approval as they move forward.


We would love to see Keanu Reeves (52) back in his role of Neo If the Wachowskis were involved, and he recently Reeves said that he would be up for returning to another installment of the film. While promoting John Wick: Chapter 2, Keanu Reeves said ‘They would have to write it and direct it.

And then we would see what the story is but yeah, I dunno, that would be weird but why not?’ Unfortunately for the actor, THR says the studio is expecting to go with a current A-list director and star so he would not be getting his wish. Bummer.



Salahuddin Sagar

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