The Golden Clog

The Golden Clog

The shouts of the shoeseller, going up and down the street with is donkey, laden with shoes and clogs for sale, had begun to annoy the towns people. Wishing to be left in peace, they decided to buy all his goods . But once they had agreed to a price for each pair, the people noticed that the more clogs they bought and piled up in the street, the more baskets full of clogs on the wagon were seen there. The towns people doubted that there was a witchcraft at work. thus an argument broke out.

At that moment, the king passed by in his carriage. The towns people asked for his judgement, but the clever shoemaker made a gift of a golden clog to the little prince, who was with his father, and the king decided that no crime had been committed. As he announced this, the mysterious shoeseller disappeared immediately.

Very shortly it was discovered that the golden clog was bewitched. Not only could anybody get it off, but the clog also grew little by little along with the prince’s foot. Therefore, it never caused him any pain at all.

The Golden Clog

Years later, the king chose a girl to be a wife for his son. Hardly had the marriage been celebrated when the golden clog began to hurt the prince. It only ceased to hurt him when his marriage was annulled. The king went to the court magician for an advice, and learned that his son would only be able to make a happy marriage to the girl who would be able to take the golden clog from his foot.

The princess of nearby kingdoms were the first to try, followed by all the duchesses, countesses, and common people in the land untile there only remained a dirty scullery-maid, dressed in rags. She kissed the clog and removed it with ease.

The king was furious : ‘How could he allow his son to marry a scullery-maid!’ At that moment the shoeseller’s cry was heard from the street and the girl, who was actually his daughter, was turned at once into the most gentle and lovable princess. Then the king was content and the young prince and princess lived happily ever after.



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