The Big Short movie trailer, 2015 -Paramount Pictures

Summary :  The Big short movie story based on Michael Lewis Books and the movie screenplay Adam McKay, Charles Randolph.

Paramount Pictures released the trailer for “The Big Short,” which is based on the best-selling book by Michael Lewis.

Release date: December 23, 2015 (USA)
Director: Adam McKay
Producer : Paramount Pictures Corporation (PPC)
Running time: 2h 10m
Music composed by: Nicholas Britell
Screenplay: Adam McKay, Charles Randolph

The Big Short, Movie Trailer, The Big Short Poster

The Big Short movie poster

“The Big Short”. Their bold investment leads them into the dark underbelly of modern banking where they must question everyone and everything.


Available on :

Rotten Tomatoes,  imdb,  metacritic

The movie stars : 

Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, Steve Carell and Selena Gomez


YouTube User Comments :

Themadbomber187 : This film is very satirical with a lot of parody on Hollywood mega starred  films. I think Grace missed the point of the trailer.

Jean Dezem
I feel like brushing my hair after seeing those wigs. Man O_o



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