Taylor Pischke

Taylor Pischke

Taylor PischkeTaylor Pischke is a female Canadian volleyball player. Current Club University of Manitoba, International: Debut Winnipeg, CANADA,College: University of Manitoba, Parents: Cindy Pischke, Garth Pischke

 Personal Overview :

Full name: Taylor Mackenzie Pischke
Born: April 18, 1993 (age 23), Winnipeg, Canada
Height: 6? 0?
College: University of Manitoba
Parents: Cindy Pischke, Garth Pischke
Position Left blocker
International: Debut Winnipeg, CANADA
Club Debut: :Team Manitoba
Current Club: University of Manitoba
Team: partnerHumana-Paredes

Taylor Pischke net worth : $3 million, 2016

Interview Video  :

OVA Grand Slam – Mel Humana-Paredes and Taylor Pischke Interview

Olympic Highlights

2008 Beijing Football (Soccer) Women 8
2012 London Football (Soccer) Women Bronze
2016 Rio Football (Soccer) Women Bronze


Notable International ResultsTaylor Pischke

Olympic Games: 2016 – BRONZE; 2012 – BRONZE; 2008

Pan American Games: 2011 – GOLD; 2007 – BRONZE

FIFA World Cup: 2015 – QF; 2011 – group stage; 2007 – group stage; 2003 

CONCACAF Olympic Qualifier: 2016 – SILVER, 2008 – SILVER

Taylor Pischke Quotes :

Have you ever been bullied? If so, are you involved in any anti-bully causes? “I’ve never experienced bad bullying. I think pretty much everyone growing up had people who upset them or teased them. Children can be very cruel to each other, but I never had anything too severe. Modeling as a career we do get a lot of abuse on social media but it doesn’t get to me, it’s best to ignore it. I always think it says more about the sort of people doing it anyway. I don’t think anyone should let the opinions of anyone you don’t respect upset you.
So what’s guaranteed to make a bloke more attractive for you? “Stubble! I’m glad you asked me that question because all men need to know this. Clean-shaven is not a good look, so every man should have some sort of facial fuzz going on. Face furniture, I call it. Every man looks more attractive with a bit of stubble. Fact!


Reference :

Taylor Pischke Wikipedia  : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taylor_Pischke


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