Split About Branjellina: Can He Get A Judge To Order Her To Play Nice?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Split!!!

American actor Brad Pitt can go to court to ask for an urgent situation to see his children over the holiday but the chances will not work. The question will be is it an essential or pressing environment and the answer probably NO. David Pisarra, CA split attorney shares EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife.com—generally court do not grant visitation orders in this situation.

If Angelina Jolie wants to be a difficult and keep the kids from Brad over Christmas—there is not much Brad or a judge can do to stop her. David Pisarra also added that—a JUDGE could order it but that would be extremely unlikely.

Branjellina Split

In September, Angelina Jolie (41) has really come at him hard in every single way ever since she filed for split and asked for and got only physical custody of the pair’s 6 children. At Christmas time keeping them (kids) away from their father would be one of her coldest moves yet.

We hope that, for the intention of children they are allowed some time with their daddy to open their presents and have a fun holiday like they have been used to their whole lives.

Brad Pitt (53) already completed everything which asked of him by the court—including attending therapy sessions on his own and with the children and taking ALCOHOL and DRUG tests several times a month. L.A.D.C.F.S over claims he might have physically injured oldest son Maddox (15).


Actually Christmas is a right moment where all the guy want to meet with their children because it is a holy day for all.

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