Robert De Niro Sends Letter To Meryl Streep & Praising For Her Speech.

Last Sunday, the 74th Golden Globe’s evening was another evening. Hollywood actress Meryl Streep’s speech was heart touching to everyone. In her speech there was an innuendo against the newly elected President Donald Trump.

After hearing her speech, the stars they came on this program and became emotional. But Streep’s a long-time friend Robert De Niro became happier.

eryl streep

After hearing this heart touching speech, legendary actor of Hollywood (Robert De Niro) sends letter to Meryl Streep. He wrote there“which you said, that was marvelous. It is needed to say, and you say, excellently.”

Robert De Niro also said that Meryl Streep is very much honorable to him. So when she said, when the whole world is celebrating his achievements. On that very evening Streep said many things about Donald Trump, but she never uttered his name for a single time. Viola Davis and George Clooney also said about Streep’s speech.


Salahuddin Sagar

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