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Game of Thrones Episode: Lena Headey Makes Over $1 Mil Per Claimed Her Ex-Hubby!

OMG!! The ex-husband of Lena Headey claimed that she got $1 million for per episode. Yes actress Lena Headey got an enormous pay increase on ‘Game of Thrones’ and is now making more than $1 million for each episode.

lena headey

Peter Loughran filed new documents asking the court to make Lena Headey pay his legal fees in their unpleasant custody clash—to the tune of $40000. He said it is only fair, since he was jobless that time Lena was sleeping on a bed of ‘Game of Thrones’ cash.

It is very much interesting that, there were reports Lena was set to make above of $500k PER EPISODE for season 07. But obviously Peter thinks she is making more than double that already. The judge has not ruled on his request for Lena to pay.


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