Cuban President Fidel Castro (L) and Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona play with a

Diego Maradona go to his father! Fidel Castro

It was his second birth. He complies Fidel Castro as his second father. Can Diego Maradona not go to Cuba? He stands beside Castro’s Funeral. To say goodbye. Say, ‘Comrade, I’ll see you again!’ said Maradona. I will go to Cuba to say goodbye my friend. All the Argentine hospital shut their doors for me, they cannot take any risk, that I lost my last breath here. That time Fidel Castro opens the Cuba’s gate for me.

Somehow the doctors left the hope to save Maradona. Maradona himself did not want to walk in the path of the light. He had been involved in drugs and almost killed himself. In Meradona’s life Castro came as a messenger of hope.

Diego Maradona (L) with Fidel Castro

Castro himself has gone down in the inevitable struggles of life on the place where nobody will come back.

Cuba has been celebrated a week of mourning. The funeral will be held on December 4. To support Argentina in ‘Davis Cup’ Maradona go to Croatia. In that place he said that, he will go to Cuba. The country and the great leader brought a message of new life.

In 1987 Maradona met with Castro. Only one year ago when all the world was infatuated with Maradona’s magic. Castro always felt an inseparable good relation with Argentina. Not only the Latin culture, Castro fulfills his revolutionary dream with Argentinean Che Guevara.

Castro made a good relationship with Che Guevara at the time when Maradona is fighting with death. In 2004 Maradona was in a life in death condition, and took treatment in Cuba for several times. He did not leave Cocaine addiction anyway. That time he was getting fat and his weight was 127 kg.

Castro showed the light of life to Maradona. ‘He said to me, I can. And I can do it. Watch this, I am alive, I am telling about his. It is my memorable even with him’—Maradona said in a sad tone to the journalists. After hearing the news he felt lot of pain in the soft corner of his heart, I am weeping. After the death of my father Castro’s death is my solid experience.’

Castro was interested in Maradona’s football, and Maradona had become obsessed with Castro’s political philosophy.


In 2005 Castro came to attain Maradona’s function and blames George Bush’s capitalist society. Maradona sketched tattoo Che as well as Castro in his body.

So Maradona wants to stand beside the funeral of Castro. The true utterance— I’ll see you again on the other side of life. Again, they will together illuminate the Havana cigar. Who knows, maybe Che Guevara also presents there!


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