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dddddddBorn July 3, 1965 in Elling, Frederikshavn, Denmark, Connie Inge-Lise Nielsen was the daughter of a bus driver and an insurance clerk.Nielsen is a polyglot who speaks eight languages: Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, and a little Spanish.


Personal Overview :
Fullname :  Connie Inge-Lise Nielsen
Born: 3 July 1965, Elling, Frederikshavn, Denmark
Height: 5′ 10½” (1.79 m)
Occupation : Actress

Connie Nielsen net worth : $8 million

Interview Video  :

3 Days To Kill Interview - Connie Nielsen (2014) - Kevin Costner, Amber Heard Movie HD 
Published on Feb 12, 2014
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Movies and TV shows :

2002 Demonlover Diane de Monx
2003 The Hunted Abby Durrell
2003 Basic Osborne
2004 Brødre Sarah
2004 Return to Sender Charlotte Cory
2005 The Great Raid Margaret Utinsky
2005 The Ice Harvest Renata Crest
2006 The Situation Anna Molyneux
2007 Battle in Seattle Jean
2009 A Shine of Rainbows Maire
2010 Kidnappet Susanne
2011 Perfect Sense Jenny
2013 Nymphomaniac Joe’s Mother
2013 The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden Baroness Von Wagner
2014 3 Days to Kill Christine Renner
2014 Return to Zero Dr. Claire Holden
2014 All Relative Maren[15]
2015 The Runner Deborah Price
2015 Ali and Nino Duchess Kipiani
2016 The 11th Katrine Firth
2016 Stratton: First Into Action Sumner
2016 Music, War and Love Lena
2016 Løvekvinnen Mrs Grjothornet
2016 Le Confessioni Claire Seth

Award List : images

Danica Curcic
Silent Heart 2015

Sonia Suhl
When Animals Dream 2015

Paprika Steen
Silent Heart 2015

Ghita Nørby
Silent Heart 2015

Bodil Jørgensen
All Inclusive 2015

Danica Curcic
Silent Heart 2014

Sonia Suhl
When Animals Dream 2014

Paprika Steen
Silent Heart 2014

Ghita Nørby
Silent Heart 2014

Bodil Jørgensen
All Inclusive 2014

Connie Nielsen Quotes :

I’m definitely more attracted to chaos than to order. The point is, I find the female roles out there very cliché. If we are limited to being only lovers or mothers, we are limiting ourselves.

[on “The Hunted”] I trained with the FBI in Portland and I also had many conversations with female FBI agents in Los Angeles, as well. That was again something that also came in very handy for “Basic”, because I’d learned already how to handle a gun and how to behave just physically when you’re in a situation, a threat. That was very good to know. I didn’t have to do that again.

Often when you get a really good script, and you receive the new pages, you see that the entire thing has been dumbed down. Films in the ’30s and ’40s, that were huge blockbusters, were very sophisticated in their language, and the ideas they brought. There were no questions about whether the audience would get it or not. Today there is a certain fear, or horror, that the audience won’t understand. They underestimate the audience very often. And that is because, when you look at the box-office to see that total braindead films make lots of money, then that’s what the cash machine is telling you to do. In other words: More braindead, more money!

We have a certain warped sense of humor in Scandinavia, and that is what comes across in the choices in a lot of our movies.

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50 Things you Don’t Know About Connie Nielsen


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