Christmas Party: Kanye West Did Not Attend Kardashian Party—Coz He Is Not In The Holiday Mood!

Christmas Party [Kanye West] Did Not Attend [Kardashian] Party—Coz He Is Not In The Holiday Mood!

Rapper Kanye West (39) is always the life of the PARTY. But at the present time he is not in mood. Kanye West did not want to attend the Kardashian’s Christmas party.

A source tells EXCLUSIVELY that—when we think of without Kanye West (party maker) npo party would get fulfillment, then obviously the end of the year has not been festive. It has no doubt that Kanye loves his wife and he always will. But now they are in a rough spot.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian have had many difference of opinion as of late regarding their busy schedules— home modernization— his support for Donald Trump and their marriage in general.

Christmas Party: Kanye West Did Not Attend Kardashian Party

There is suspicion growing that Kimye West are growing further and further apart. As if the reality star is alarming Parisian robbery was not traumatizing enough. Kanye is fighting his own devils now.

The star admitted into the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center for a few days— following reports that he was suffering from paranoia. Kanye West has sworn to dial down his outspoken personality, since his release. It is like a catch—22! But that is the side of him Kim Kardashian instantly fell in love with.

Regrettably, we have not seen the same Kanye West since returning home to Kim Kardashian and the kids. The source continues that Kanye appears to be a armor of his former self— adding unnecessary pressure to his marriage. They are doing the best they can to get through the end of the year— noting that the pair appears a little unhappy together these days.

On 26th December, Kanye were photographed driving around Calabasas and looking unhappy than ever. Well respected body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass told EXCLUSIVELY that— this to me is the unhappiest she has ever looked.

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