Blac Chyna Is Refusing To Apologize to Rob Kardashian And His Entire Family After Divorce!

Blac Chyna is refusing to apologize to Rob Kardashian and his entire family.

An insider tells EXCLUSIVELY that, American model and entrepreneur Blac Chyna (28) is not backing down! She thinks American television personality and businessman Rob Kardashian (29) and his family have a lot of sinew and they think Chyna needs to apologize for everything.

The Bootylicious (is a song by American R&B group) reality star has done a lot of good for Rob Kardashian. But lately, their relationship feels a little morbid. Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have gone round and round with swindling claims, screaming matches, and so-called fights.

It is not a healthy environment for the newborn baby. Blac Chyna is a prodigious mom to dream and King Cairo (daughter of Chyna & Rob). So may be the family of Chyna’s fiancé should cut her some crank since she just gave birth. 

  Blac Chyna Is Refusing To Apologize to Rob Kardashian

In spite of all the dream, Chyna feels she is always been there for Rob Kardashian at the time of he needed her most. The insider continues that, Rob Kardashian’s family should be bowing down to hear for saving their son’s life. Rob Kardashian the person who confessed to having matters and has since gotten from Blac.

Chyna is so proud of their shared edification and thinks her manner and attitude are totally nice. She is not changing and forgiving herself. Knowing how the Kardashians have been fighting against her this Christmas and waving a white flag for their end. Both couples are too proud to say sorry.

Now it is a burning question, is Blac Chyna wrong or right? She should apologizes to Rob Kardashian’s family or not?

Salahuddin Sagar

One thought on “Blac Chyna Is Refusing To Apologize to Rob Kardashian And His Entire Family After Divorce!”

  1. blac chyna, the kardashians are evil people, stay away from that family, they are jealous of you and your children. Keep God in your life, “No Weapon Formed Against Shall Prosper”.

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