Best 8 Movies in 2016!

Deutsche Vale’s cinema critic Yokhen Kurten spend many times in the cinema hall in 2016. Now we discuss about the best 8 movies in 2016 which Yokhen Kurten has seen.

My King:


According to Deutsche Vale’s cinema critic Yokhen Kurten, My King is the best movie in 2016. Kurten commented that this is one of the examples of emotional story based movie, directed by Maïwenn a French director. Moreover, the audiences cannot take time to thereto in the movie, because of hero and heroine’s professional acting.

La belle Saison:


It is a French love story. Plots of the seventies of the last century. Delphin, a young woman came from a village in France across the city from the influence of parents and the hope of better living conditions. There she introduced with Carol. According to Kurten, love, history, emotion and logic—who would make a better story than French of these!

A Bigger Splash:


Sixties classic film “Swimming Pool”—the new version of it. But Kurten said, this movie is better than the original movie. Rock stat Tilda and his boyfriend, filmmaker Pol went to the Italian island for an island vacation. There they met with their old friend Harry and his daughter. It’s a Dark Comedy. Such movies are usually highlighted serious and Taboo.



In the recent time François Gauge is the most talked director in Franc. His every movie presents with new something. This movie is based on the thinking of French and German about the war and peace.

A Hologram for the King:


The story was created of an American salesman’s visit to Saudi Arabia. To be placed in the desert, a huge complex IT contracts that salesman to visit Saudi Arabia. In this character Tom Hanks’ acting was really superb.

Young’un List (Young light):


German Director Adolf Viscleman made this move with the story of Father-Son relationship.



The hero of this movie is Adam, in profession, he is a driver. He wrote poems in his Notebook at the time of rest. Several times his wife requested him to publish or at least copy the poem. At the first time Adam was disagreeing, but within a week’ night he was agreeing to do it. But when he woke up in the morning that he saw that his wife’s favorite dog broke his Notebook. Then….

The Revenant:


Film critic Kurten does not understand at the beginning of the year that this is going to the year’s best film, which was released at the very beginning of this year. The audience will remember for a long time Leonardo’s battle with the image of a bear, he said.




Salahuddin Sagar

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