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Anne Hathaway is not happy for Oscar!

Each and every Actor & Actress have a dream to win Oscar in his or her life. The Bollywood actress Anne Hathaway was unhappy after getting Oscar. Recently the 33 years old, Anna said about herself.

In 2013 Anna acted ‘Les Misérables’ movie and win Supporting Actress prize for her extraordinary acting. But he is not happy at all. Rather, she felt very uncomfortable. According to Anna, everyone to be happy after getting Oscar but I don’t happy that very day.

Anne Hathaway

I felt guilt. I thought that, the dress I have worn and standing on the stage, which so valuable that even many people never seen that amount of money in their life. Even My mind was upset because I acted as a painful character but win Oscar. However, these experiences are the part of our life.

Despite not being happy, she pretends that she was very happy said this celebrity. In ‘Les Miserable’ movie Anna acted as a prostitute. Through the acting of this movie she got the prize of BAFTA, GOLDEN GLOBE and so on.


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