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Allied movie true story : Repetition of History!

Many movies have been made by the events of World War II. The film ‘Allied’ is one of the new edition of this flow. Because, through this film history back again, however it comes with something new shape. Brad Pitt the star actor acted here as a brilliant intelligence officer.

In 1942, he met in North Africa’s French Resistance fighters Marianne Beausejour. That deadly raid encounter took the form of closeness. They again met in the London. But under pressure of the war their love fall in a threat. The storyline moves in this way.

Last Wednesday, ‘Allied’ has been released in the US. In this film Marion Cotillard acted as the heroin of Brad Pitt. On the occasion of the release of the film, Pitt was absent in the press conference. May be he hide himself in front of the press because avoid humming of Angelina and his recent divorce.

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But there is a rumor that Pitt had a close relation with Cotillard. However, Cotillard does not say anything about this matter to the press.

For the necessary of the story Pitt speaks French language in this film. In the German occupation he went to the North Africa with the guise of Cotillard’s husband and a businessman. But both intelligence officer and associated with an assassination in Casablanca.

Pitt’s character is misleading for Canadian. Because he acted as a pilot in this film and work for US intelligence. And Cotillard acted as a French intelligence officer. She said, I love to work in complex character. Because, through this work, can reach the interesting world.

Cotillard said in the context of the work experience in a war situation, in the film he was to catch up firearm. But in real life, he never did such a weapon in hand. So she has to learn many things. Director Robert Zemeckis helps her a lot. Brad Pitt also took necessary training.

He also learns French language. He also learns utterance of Cubes and original French and use it in ‘Allied’ movie. He was working hard on that issue.

It is totally opposite in the case of Cotillard. It was rather hard to manage English pronunciation. But she works few movies and manage it quietly.


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