The Magic Tinderbox

Once upon a time a brave soldier, when he returned form war, encountered a witch. ‘Would you like to be rich? she asked him. The soldier did not stop to think twice. He followed the instructions of the witch and soon found himself going down into a deep cavern, where there was a chest full of treasure. It was guarded by a

The Magic Tinderbox

horribly fierce dog, but the witch had taught the soldier the spell which allowed him to order the dog to act as per his will. The soldier filled his pockets and his knapsack with treasure, and before he left he also picked up an old tinderbox, which the witch’s grandmother had lost long before. The witch and specifically told the soldier that the only treasure she wanted was the old tinderbox.

Fortunately, the soldier was no fool, and before a wicked spell could be cast on him, he killed the evil witch. And so he kept the tinderbox as well, although the did not really know what to do with it. Now, however, he was a rich man, he moved to the city and lived there like a lord.

One night, the streets of the city were so dark that the soldier could not see where he was going. He then remembered his tinderbox and struck it to see the way ahead. Immediately, the fierce dog from the cavern appeared, ready to obey the soldier’s command and to satisfy his desires. Whenever the soldier wanted anything, he simply had to strike the tinderbox, and the dog appeared to fulfil his desires.

One day, the soldier told the dog that he wanted to see the beautiful daughter of the king more then anything else. She was held prisoner in the palace, and no man had ever set eyes upon her. The dog disappeared, but returned almost at once with the princess. The Young couple fell in love and after a very short time, the soldier and the princess were married.

The wedding feast lasted eight days and, in recognition of his services, the magic dog was served on the same table as that of the king and the couple.


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