The husband who looked after the house stories

The Husband who Looked After the House

A farmer’s wife was fed up being criticized by her husband about how she ran the house. So one day she challenged him. ‘Tomorrow I’ll go out to work in the fields, and you  can take care of the work in the house, if you think you can do it better than me!’ The next day the husband did his best to do the things right. He tried to make the butter, but his efforts soon made him thirsty and he went down to the cellar to drink some wine. The moment he opened the barrel, heard the pig entered into

The husband who looked after the house-stories

the house and knocked over the butter dish. He rushed back upstairs to stop the animal from causing more trouble, but he forgot to put the cork in the wine barrel again. 

He was running into troubles the whole day. At lunchtime, when he put the stew onto boil, he remembered that he had not taken the caw out to pasture yet; but there was no time anymore. He decided to take it onto the roof, so it could eat the grass that grew among  the tiles. It was very difficult to get the cow onto the roof. In the end he succeeded, and, to make sure that the animal did not fall off, he tied it there with a rope.

Then he remembered the stew over the fire. To get back to the kitchen as fast as possible, so that the stew did not burn, he lowered himself down the chimney. For safety, he tied the other end of the rope to his foot. But the cow fell off the roof just then, and the man was yanked back up the chimney and got stuck there.

When his wife came home from the fields, the first thing she saw was the cow dangling from the rope, so she cut it loose. On the other end the man dropped down…. into the fireplace. When the woman entered the house, she found the floor covered with butter, the cellar flooded with wine, and her husband upside down with his head in the stew!

She returned to her housework. From then on, Of-Course, he ever grumbled at her again.


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