The Fox and the Wolf

The Fox and the Wolf

A wolf had taken a fox as his servant. The poor fox was not happy with her master. Since the wolf was stronger than her, she had no other choice but to serve him.

‘Go and get me something to eat,’ th wolf kept saying. ‘otherwise, I shall eat you.’

On one occasion, the fox went to steal a lamb form the nearby farm, and, on another, to steal the cakes from the kitchen window ledge. And she always managed this without being seen. Everything would have been fine, if the wolf, greedy and careless as he was, had not himself gone to steal the other lamb and the rest of the cakes. He was beaten with astick, returned home empty handed and got angry with the fox.

The Fox and the Wolf

One day, the wolf again said, ‘Fox, go and get me something to eat or I will eat you!’ ‘I know a farmer’s storeroom which is full of goodies! sausages, hams, chees! Come along I will show you,’ replied the fox.

‘Fine, said the wolf, ‘ut this time you’re coming with me! I don’t want any more nasty surprise.’ Off they both went, and, slipping through a small hole, they got into the farmer’s storeroom. The worl threw himself greedily at the food.

The fox, on the other hand, ran to the hole and settled there, to be certain that she could escape if danger threatened. ‘Why are you wasting all this time instated of eating?’ the wolf laughed at her. ‘I’m not leaving this place until I have eaten everything!’

At that moment, the farmer, who had been disturbed by the noises, came into the storeroom with a stick. The fox, who was thin as before, slipped quickly through the hole and escaped. The wolf, on the other hand, with his stomach bloated, could not squeeze through and had to suffer a good beating, yet again.


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