The Dragon's Nest

The Dragon’s Nest

There was once a young king who was a brave hunter. He had already killed every sort of ferocious beasts. In order to put his skill to the supreme test, he decided to go on a dragon hunt. He was lucky. After many days of fruitless search he heard the unmistakable thunder of a dragon’s wings. It was colossal, with a serpent’s body and wings as big as sails. Like lightning, the king had an arrow in his bow, fired at once, and the dragon fell dead. He was however, attacked by another smaller dragon- the female of the pair. The king immediately aimed at her and killed her as well.

The Dragon's Nest

At that very moment, however, he saw the heads of four new-born dragons sticking out of a cave. They were almost as small as lizards.

The king felt guilty that he had deprived them of their parents. To make amends, he gathered up the baby dragons, and carried them to his palace, where he himself undertook to bring them up.

The four little dragons became very affectionate, obeyed the king like trined puppies. Whenever he used to go out, they would walk behind him, and the very sight of the dragons terrified his subjects. Gradually the king trained them to control the reins and ride perfectly; when he went hunting, or to war, the four dragons were his steeds.

One day the king’s mother suggested her song that he should look for a wife. The king agreed, on the sole condition that the new queen should show herself worthy of him, by going for a ride on a dragon.

Messangers were sent to the royal alaces all over the world, and almost all of them were told: ‘Your king must be mad.’

But only one princess, more courageous than the others, agreed to undergo the test. She experienced the exhilaration of a flight on a dragon, in the arms of her future husband.

They married when the dragon returned to earth and they lived happily ever after.


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