Super Bowl: Houston Nomadic Night Club Is Unready For Major Party

Super Bowl: For this weekend, Club Nomadic, Edwards St, Houston which will be hosting the Super Bowl’s largest events including—a concert by American singer-songwriter, Bruno Mars and the DirecTV party with singer Taylor Swift is still working with the city of Houston to get up and running in time.

Met with city officials on Tuesday night, we are told producers for the 62,500-square-foot POP-UP VENUE to do an eleventh-hour walk-through.


Nomadic Night Club

Venue promoters had already purchased all necessary authorizations and were moving on to inspections and getting a certificate of possession, by Wednesday.

Everyone is at the table and communicating.?We will make it get done. The space is set to open Thursday with the Chain-smokers, city spokeswoman Alanna Reed confirmed us. Report—Page Six



Salahuddin Sagar

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