1. The Magic Tinderbox

  2. The Husband who Looked After the House

  3. How Simple Rahman Became Kin

  4. Beloved Amitabh and the Magic Flower

  5. Beauty and the Beast

  6. The Golden Clog

  7. The Dragon’s Nest

  8. The Fox and the Wolf

  9. The Dancing Teapot

  10. The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep

  11. The Four Brothers and the Lost Camel

  12. Snow-White and Rose-Red

  13. The Happy Pirnce

  14. Shyam and Shyamili

  15. Prince Arun and the Beautiful Anita

  16. Dany and the Little Cat

  17. Prince Pran and the Firebird

  18. Bhasker and the Miller’s Daughter

  19. The Emperor’s Thrush

  20. The Hunter and the Fisherman

  21. The Musicians of Bremen

  22. Bhupender and the Three Feathers

  23. Malavika, the Beautiful Weaver

  24. The Walf and the Seven Litle Kids

  25. Goldilocks and the Tree Bears

  26. The Keeper of the Geese

  27. The Young King

  28. Tom’s Crumbs

  29. The Cup Winners

  30. The Twelve Passengers

  31. The Selfish Giant