Snow White and Rose Red

Snow White and Rose Red

In the woods, lived a widow, whose two daughters, Snow-White and Rose-Red, were so beautiful and gentle that they resembled wild roses. Everyone loved them, even the trees and the animals were their friends.

One day, someone knocked at the door of their hut. It was a big, black bear. They were fearful, but the animal reassured them: ‘Don’t be afraid. I am cold. I only want to warm myself by your fire.’

The two girls brought him into the house, sat him down and wiped the snow off his fur. All the three soon became good friends, and played together happily, until the bear went away. The bear started visiting every eveing, until the spring, when it bade them farewell. ‘Goodbye, little friends. I must go now to defend my treasure from the gnomes. I don’t know if I’ll be back.’

Snow White and Rose Red

It was a sad parting. Time passed, and one day Snow-White and Rose-Red were out in the forest, gathering wood. They come across a dark cave and wandered into it. They came across a dark cave and wandered into it. The cave held the most unbelievable treasure. The girls were staring in amazement, when suddenly there appeared a gnome with a pointed beard, who screamed at them: ‘You’ve been spying on me.

Now you will be punished.’ Just as he raised his arm to strike them, a black bear sprang into the cave. With one blow from its paw, it knocked the gnome lifeless to the ground.

the bear said, ‘Snow-White, Rose-Red, don’t be afraid.’ Then the girls recognised the voice of the bear that had become their friend so long ago. The black, furry bearskin fell away, and out came a handsome young man, dressed in gold. ‘I am the son of a king,  ‘he said, ‘and I was put under a spell by the gnome, who stole all my treasure. Now, thanks to you, I have found my treasure, and the gnome is dead.’  And so Snow-White married the prince, and Rose-Red was wed to his equally handsome brother.

And when their old mother died, the princesses planted two rose bushes over her grave.


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