Reason of not being long hair

Reason of not being long hair

All the girls like thick and long black hair. But everyone’s hair is not long. And the used many expensive cosmetics to make hairstyles for long hair. As a result, hair gets very weak. But you know, you are responsible for not being long hair. You have done some activities that damages your hair. Either you believe it or not, your lifestyle, food habit, even your habit, fall some impact on your hair.

Reason of not being long hair:

1. Same hairstyle:
You have braid or bun hair all the time. It is never good for hair. It hampers hair’s growth. Hair needs some Oxygen. If you braid hair all the time, then it cannot receive Oxygen.

2. Do not let oil:
Many more times we do not use oil on our hair. You should use oil at least 1 time in a week, because oil provides nutrition for hair. Oil is the hair’s food. For the lack of oil hair gets rough. As a result, hair can break from the middle position and it increases hair fall.

Reason of not being long hair

3. Lack of nutritious food:
Lacking of vitamin and protein have your daily diet, then lacking of those nutrients your hair may fall. According to Dr. Nicole Rogers, a hair transplant surgeon, a woman should eat regularly 40-45 g protein and 15-18 g iron. A Crash diet is another cause of the rising hair fall.

4. Lack of moistures:
If you do not moisture hair properly, then hair would be rough and lifeless. As a result, hair may damage. The natural oily substance gets removed from hair, if you use shampoo every day. As a result, hair becomes rough and lifeless.

5. The use of new products every day:
All the hair products cannot be fit for your hair. Before using a new product reads a product’s leaflet properly. Do not start using a new product whimsically. It may damage your hair. Frequent product changes are the other cause of not being long hair.

6. Trim hair regularly:
The hair should be trimmed after 2/3 months. Hair length cannot be less, but when came to split it cannot grow. At the time of trimming, the two-faced hair cut off as a result the hair can grow faster.

7. Using the wrong comb:
Thin tooth comb is not good for hair. Because the hair was tied and tangled. Hair root may thin and starts hair fall.

8. Night care:
You should not go to sleep at night with open hair. You should go to sleep of braiding or tied hair. Otherwise hair tip may crack. In the next it hampers to being hair long.


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