long hair

Rapidly you have to do make long hair!

Many people’s hobbies to make hair long. But hair cannot grow properly with many reasons. It would be bad for you if you always cut your hair. Malnutrition is one of the signs of less hair grow. Hair cannot grow properly for roughness and hair’s tip cracked.

So for growing hair you have to return hair’s nutrition. Then hair would be long rapidly. Let’s learn some easy way to make hair long.

Massage Oil :
Massage oil is the most effective way for growing hair. Coconut oil and Olive oil is very good for hair. Mix these two oils or only one oil use for hair and massage properly. Keep it whole night and wash it in the morning with shampoo.

Egg’s hair mask:
1 egg, olive oil mixes with honey and use it on the hair. Cover hair at least 30 minutes with a shower cap or cloth. Wash hair with slight shampoo. Use this mask 2/3 days in a week.

Extremely long hair

Milk or Sour yogurt:
Milk or yogurt make hair soft and smooth and eliminate hair’s roughness. As a result hair gets nutrition and it would not cracked. Coconut oil, almond oil mixes with half cup milk or sour yogurt. Use it on the hair and keep at least 30-40 minutes, then wash it by using shampoo. Use this mixture 2 days in a week and keep this 1 or 2 hours. You will get rapid results.

• Lemon Juice:
For hair beauty care lemon juice used many ways. Mix water with lemon juice. And keep 20-30 minutes and wash it.

• Tea leaker:
For the growth of hair tea leaker is most effective. Because it is good as hair conditioner. Take leaker in a container and dip your hair at least 10 minutes or wash hair slowly after taking bath. Use 2/3 days on that very way.

• Vitamin E capsule:
According to the length of hair, mix 1 vitamin E capsules with olive oil for hair care. Then use this less heated oil on the head’s skull. Keep it 30 minutes and wash it. For the best result, keep it the whole night and wash in the morning. Use 2/3 days in a week and get beautiful hair very easily and hair can grow rapidly.

Caution :

• Use a soft towel for the hair deletion. Do not rub the hair again and again. As a result the hair may crack. You have to deletion hair very smoothly.
• Do not comb wet hair.
• Hair dry, deletion hair with a soft towel, dry your hair with fan’s air and open place. Never use a hair dryer.
• Do not use any kind of electrical devices.
• Do not use shampoo to get rid of hair’s roughness and tip crack. Washing head means skull skin’s oil would remove. So use shampoo 2/3 times in a week. The chemical of shampoo can be damaged hair.


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