John Cena Farts On Nikki Bella After Get Naked In Lusty YouTube Video — Watch The Video

There is nothing like getting naked to say thank you to fans and that is exactly what WWE superstars John Cena (39) and Nikki Bella (32) did on 21st April. The couples were celebrating how the Nikki Bella Twins have surpassed 500,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel and gave us a look at their wrench bodies. Nikki Bella looked to be the prime mover for the lusty video, excitedly telling fans it took her two days to convince her new fiancé John Cena to do the bit, as he kept repeating, ‘I still do not think it is a good idea, getting bashful about baring it all.’



The brunette beauty declared ‘We are ready to give all of us to all of you’ before turning around and whipping off her red satin robe while the muscled-up hunk took off his tight t-shirt. Up until now we only got to see the couples from the waist up, the once they are fully in the buff the camera pulls out and womp womp! The couples have little hazy bars covering up their privates. We do get to see huge skin, just not any NIPPLE or PENIS action.


John Cena and Nikki Bella do a fun little dance while John Cena jokes ‘I think my tube is on YouTube!’ Love him! The couple used props, with Nikki Bella holding up a sign saying “500” and his continued with “000.” Unfortunately, when he bent his brawny legs over to pick it up, he let out a giant fart on the leg of his honey! She yells at him before walking away, “What the f***, are you kidding me!”


While it was clearly just a stunt, they keep playing along. ‘So this did not go right’ John Cena says in an oppressed voice at the end of the video, when a fart can be heard off-screen. He made sure to tell the camera ‘that was not me.’ We cannot wait to see what kind of stunt these couples have in store for us when the channel reaches the one million subscribers mark!




Salahuddin Sagar

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