Mysterious Death Of Britney Spears: Tweeted Sony Music!!


Mysterious Death Of Britney Spears.Did Britney Spears really die??

On Monday 26th December-2016 official Twitter account of SONY MUSIC posted a mysterious message about the SLEEPOVER singer being DEAD. And a follow up tweet memorialized her (Britney Spears) life.

It does not become visible as though Britney Spears (35) really died. On early Monday morning Twitter account of Sony Music was hacked when a—high profile cyber ATTACKER—declared the death of singer Britney Spears.

In online, the news spreads immediately and the fans go crazy upon reading peculiar tweets from Sony Music that stated Britney—is dead by an accident. Very soon we will tell you more. Even a follow up tweet memorialized her (Britney Spears) life.


However, after the incident, within just a minute later, our security posted a new tweet and there saying that the account of SONY has been compromised and singer Britney Spears is alive and well! It was really peculiar situation but we are just happy to hear that Britney Spears is not dead. We have already lost too many icon in 2016. So we were not ready to process another high profile death like her. Our heart just would not tolerate to handle it.

On 26th December, CNN reporter AnneClaire Stapleton tweeted that Britney Spears is alive and well, said her representative to the CNN. It seems to be—h@SonyMusicGlobal mistakenly tweeted her death news. But the representative of SONY says no comment.

Salahuddin Sagar

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