Love & Hip Hop: Bambi Benson Is Trying To—Stay Positive—As People ATTACK Her—Proving Lil Scrappy Split!

Lil Scrappy Split!!

We cannot get enough of seeing love story of American rapper Lil Scrappy (32) and Bambi Benson play out on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. But in the future, on our TV screen we may only get to watch their dying! Then it was stated that, the pair called off their engagement and ended their relationship. Bambi Benson kept fans estimating with a series of mysterious tweets and we cannot help but wonder if it is her corroboration of the breakup.

Bambi Benson wrote—I have learned so much over the past few years of my life. God is good. People always try to attack me but they always fail. Never juxtapose your problems to the next person’s problems. BE—STRONG—STAY—TPOSITIVE.   


However, the part about people—ATTACKING—her makes us question if she is just sending a message to people reporting information that may be false? Hmm so the last part of her message makes it seem like she is dealing with a great deal in her life right now but she is trying to stay positive through it.

Just one day after ‘Media Take Out’ reported, this tweeting spree comes that the two had broken up because he refused to change his playboy and partying ways when she asked him to. Then after the separation Lil Scrappy reportedly got comfortable with a new woman while spending time at a Miami strip club.  

Neither, the reality star Bambi Benson has directly addressed this situation—along with her tweets— Bambi Benson also posted a series of sexy pictures on Instagram. Yes maybe she is permit to her man what he is missing.

Salahuddin Sagar

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