Kim Kardashian Still Remorse About Her Sex Tape 10 Years Later: It Was The Biggest Mistake

It is now and then easy to forget about the sex tape of Kim Kardashian with her ex-boyfriend Ray J because she is such an entrepreneurial powerhouse these days but Kim Kardashian sure has not! A source tells that the unforgotten memory still haunts her.

The insider explained that ‘Kim Kardashian still remorse the sex tape ten years later.’ ‘She has convinced her success has come from hard work and good decisions. But if she could go back and do it over then she would have never agreed to let Ray J film their close moments in the bedroom. Kim Kardashian doesn’t spend time anymore being upset or thinking about the tape but she does see the tape as her largest mistake and most humiliating moment on film.’




Kim Kardashian may be shamefaced of the risqué video but we do not think she needs to be. She has so much more than that now! She is a business woman and an entrepreneur with a successful TV show, line of emojis, a fashion brand, and modeling career. She has been on the cover of Vogue; she has partnered with makeup designer Pat McGrath and broke the internet with her Paper magazine photo shoot.

She has a sidereal mother and wife who would do anything for her family and even stood by her husband during his darkest time plus she overcame a near-death experience when she was robbed at gun point. Do not feel bad about your past girly, you are an all-star!


From: Hollywood Life.

Salahuddin Sagar

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