Johnny Depp Is In Money Trouble!

If someone is spending US $ 20 million a month, then the source of his income would be quite large. Yes, Hollywood star Johnny Depp’s source of income is not less. He spends $20 million in a month. Because of Johnny Depp’s expensive nature, his former business managers has been filed a case against him.

A few days ago Johnny Depp sacked his former managers and filed lawsuit against them. Johnny’s complaint, by trickery, they grab taken two and a half billion dollars from him. As a result Johnny Depp is in money problem now. This time Depp’s former managers, Joule and Robert Mandel filed a lawsuit against him and they said that—Johnny, as he did all the additional costs.


Johnny Depp


He used to meet the luxurious living cost, spend huge amount of money. The former managers also said that—they tried their best to discharge their duties. They were warned several times to Johnny to be careful. But the actor did not care. 

On Tuesday, the lawsuit was filed against Johnny Depp in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The document, written by attorney Michael Camp, Depp himself is responsible for his today’s financial problem. Johnny’s lawyer, Matthew Kane has not yet commented on the issue. Report— Business Standard.



Salahuddin Sagar

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