Jennifer Aniston Divorcing Justin Theroux: Giving Brad Pitt Another Chance To Marriage?

Is Jennifer Aniston the American actress, producer, and businesswoman having second thoughts about her marriage to Justin Theroux? This might be the case, as the Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston and her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, are communicating once again that many insiders believe.

In 2005, Jennifer Aniston drags the plug on her marriage to Brad Pitt. This was right after reports marked that Brad Pitt was getting a little too up intimate and personal with Angelina Jolie. In January of 2005, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt announced their separation and in October of that year, Angelina Jolie shared the news that she was pregnant with Brad Pitt’s first biological child, Shiloh.

Even though she was completely heartbroken over their dying of their marriage, Jennifer Aniston managed to move on and marry her husband Justin Theroux in 2014. But now that Brad Pitt is splitting Angelina Jolie and single again, could Jennifer Aniston be having second thoughts? That is what fans want to know about the real facts. Report— celebdirtylaundry.

Brad Pitt has been texting Jennifer Aniston and using her as a shoulder to cry on after insiders revealed that.  Fans went have been enraptured over the news. In fact, the media cannot stop reporting about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s new friendship. Plus, both the couple’s camps have not denied the reports that they are indeed communicating again.




So how does Justin Theroux feel about all of this? Does Justin feel comfortable seeing his wife in the headlines alongside her ex-husband’s name? Back in 2015, Jennifer Aniston even told the Hollywood Reporter that she and Brad Pitt occasionally talk. But they only to wish each other a happy birthday or send a congratulatory text about Brad’s children or Jennifer’s career.


And with all the people that Brad Pitt has in his inner circle of Hollywood. During one of the darkest and emotional periods of his life, many people are amazed that Brad would reach out to his ex-wife. That is why many fans cannot help but wonder if Jennifer Aniston would give Brad and their marriage a second chance. Brad was her first husband and the biggest love of her life after all.

Even though Jennifer was left embarrassed after Brad Pitt dispose of her for Angelina Jolie, some fans say that she still has a soft corner for him. Do you agree? Today after tomorrow, the real truth about their friendship will surely come out very soon.

Of course, Jennifer Aniston has yet not made any comments about her friendship with her ex Brad Pitt or about her future with Justin Theroux. Let us know what you think by leaving us a line in our comments section below.



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