How Simple Raman Became King

How Simple Raman Became King

The king’s own herald had ridden from city to city to make an announcement that the princess would marry whoever turned out to be the most amusing conversationalist. Immediately the most learned men in the land set out for the capital, determined to win the hand of the princess.

There were some who had come by horse, elephant and some in an even more impressive manner, come by carriage. There were some who had come by horse, elephant and some in an even more impressive manner, came by carriage. There was one, hwever, who come on a goat and everyone called him simple Raman.

How Simple Raman Became King

Simple Raman noticed, on his journey, that all the other suitors were carrying rich gifts for the princess, whilst he was going empty handed. He, therefore, gathered up the things which most impressed him on the way. He collected a dead cow, a ruined wooden clog, a lump of mud, and stuck them all in this pocket.

And at the palace, strange things were happening. No sooner had the suitors observed the fabulous luxury of the court and found themselves face to face with the stunningly beautiful princess,

they were struck dumb with excitement and thus, of course, were rejected at once as unsuitable. Only Raman was not overwhelmed by the beauty.

‘It is extremely hot, in her!’ he complained.

‘The ovens are all burning,’ the princess explained to him, ‘because they are roasting so many chickens in the kitchen in preparation for the wedding celebration.’ ‘Good! exclaimed Raman. ‘Then I can also roast my crow.’ ‘But what will you cook it in? All the pots and pans are already being used.’ ‘I will cook it in this,’

Raman said, pulling out the clog. ‘And the sauce to cook it in?’ laughed the princess. Simple Raman pulled out the lump of mud that he had in his pocket. The princess had never been so amused by anyone’s conversation, so she decided that simple Raman was the right man for her.


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