Lady Gaga

Discover Lady Gaga As We Have Never Seen Her

Music artist Lady Gaga hides a very pretty face under her makeup. The singer was dappled in the streets of Los Angeles on the shooting of the film A star is born and its look has something to disconcert its fans.

Lady Gaga is nothing unrestrained, far from crowds and concert halls. On the opposite, Stephanie Germanotta could pass masked. Indeed, the pretty singer Lady Gaga stated by the song Poker Face knows how to be very prudent. Usually dressed in an unusual way and dressed in sequined body suits. On the shooting of the film A star is Born in Los Angeles, the beauty has opted for a very natural look. For this remake of Barbra Streisand signed B. Cooper, this time Lady Gaga was wearing no makeup, no hair dye. A rather rare appearance for the one, who loves flashy colors, and escalate the look with Rimmel or eyeliner.


Lady Gaga
Lady GaGa


Lady Gaga’s fans will have to wait for her next concerts, however, to see her close. Before flying to France the singer, Lady Gaga plans to perform first in the US via Vancouver, Las Vegas, Sacramento, or San Francisco as part of the World Tour. For example, the Parisians will have to wait until October to see her hiccup at the Arena de Bercy and sing Joanne. In the meantime, Gaga is filming with Bradley Cooper, the lucky …

Yes, like what in the Germanotta family, one does not always put on the profligacy for rouse the public or on huge shows to satisfy.


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