Before Death: Singer George Michael Was Unrecognizable!!

George Michael and his reckless life!

Judging by the last known pictures, the late pop icon George Michael became visible overweight and unrecognizable before a month of his death.

By the shocking photo of late George Michael, showed him an inflated face and heavy frame.

On last 14th September in Oxfordshire, The troubling snaps, posted by The Sun and Mirror tabs in London, when a drawn and tired late George Michael went out to dinner with friends near his home.

As his general cause of death on Sunday, late George Michael’s representative could not be immediately reached for comment on Monday after citing—heart failure.

In the past few years—Michael had growingly isolated. He had long struggled with marijuana abuse and at one point smoking 25 twins a day.


Last year George Michael checked himself into the famed Swiss rehab clinic Kusnacht Practice.

In 2014 with Michael’s last extended interview, there he call to mind a close brush with death in 2011. When he go through a tracheotomy (an incision in the windpipe made to relieve an obstruction to breathing) in Austria due to near fatal pneumonia.

He stated to the Ham & High newspaper—yes, it almost killed me. It was very frightening and I will probably never feel quite as safe again. But OMG, I was just so grateful to come out alive and very happy to get back to my home in London, he said on a subconscious level.

His empathy for drugs and sex never seemed to derail his music, even if it should have, Michael once told BBC radio.

Again, Michael said once that—my career just seems to right itself like a plastic duck in a bath and in some ways—I RESENT THAT.

Salahuddin Sagar

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