Cut Off Hair How Many Days In A Row

Cut Off Hair How Many Days In A Row: Do not cut the hair modern society? Let’s cut the hair to be fashionable in modern times. Both men and women haircut, so at regular intervals. But it is not just the rules for the protection of human hair cuts Healthy, beautiful hair is thick, and many receive a haircut. What kind of hair cut like a long time in a row, He has given some suggestions about. Let’s take a look at these suggestions.

Those short hairs:

Those short hairs: If you want to keep the size small hair, Keep an eye on how quickly grows hair then of course the hair. Do not cut the hair to long hair falls over the eyes. Do you think Hair Experts, Whose hair is cut short their hair should be at least four to six weeks.


Whose long hair:

Whose long hair, They do not want to cut hair easily. But, As a result of the burst ends, Hair falls And the dissolved hair from the middle. Therefore, experts advise After eight to 12 weeks from Long hair, light prune. The root of your hair is strong and thick hair, And when it ends too rough prune after six to eight weeks.

Those with medium length hair:

Long time Medium length hair Trimming is not. As a result, hair becomes thinner And broke. Therefore, At least six to eight weeks after the medium to long hair trimming. If you want to make a little long, They cut the hair after 10.


Whose hair colors:

Whose hair colors: The hair color Or has been highlighted. They cut hair at least four to eight weeks in a row. Because, Hair becomes dry due to chemicals, paints. As a result Hair is broken. Therefore, Whose hair colors, They prune the hair.

Whose hair rough:

A lot of hair-rich chemicals used in cosmetics, but life is not. If you want to make this kind of hair treatment, Take the first trimming the hair light. Is not no use When broken Hair Treatment. Eight weeks after the treatment and hair trimming is eternal.

 hair cut

Whose natural hair:

Whose natural hair if your hair type is good. But that will not cut the hair? Trimming the hair is healthy light. So those who want to keep the hair a little short,   They cut hair for five months in a row, and those who want long hair, hey cut the hair of eight to 10 months.

Swapna Biswas

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