Curly and frizzy hair makes

Curly and frizzy hair makes straight and silky with natural ways

As a modern aged girl we know very well that flat iron and curler hit is how much harmful. But flat iron attacks us like a magnet. We always use hair iron and it makes our hair dry and frizzy. Let’s know how keep our hair straight and silky without using hit and protect our hair from damage. Here we gave some natural ways.

01. Milk spray :

There is a prejudice in our country that, if you use milk on hair, then it would be white color. It is to inform you that it is absolutely false and baseless. You know that Punjab’s boys and girls use pure milk and clarified butter to get rid of rough hair. Milk is very good nutrition for hair and a good conditioner. If you regularly use it, it reduces hair roughness, frizzy mood and hair’s wave slowly.

Milk spray

-1 cup milk (raw or boiled)
-1 cup water
– One spray bottle

What to do?
-Milk and water pour in the spray bottle then mix it.
– Spray in your whole hair and keep it 2 hours.
-Wash this mixture with mild shampoo.

02. Coconut milk’s spray:

We know that coconut oil is very good for health. Do you know? Coconut also contain milk, which is better than oil. It is a good conditioner for hair specially the person whose hair is long, rough, dry and frizzy.

Coconut milk spray

– 1 cup fresh coconut milk.


What to do?
Massage deep coconut oil on your hair and keep it at least 2-3 hours. Wash it with mild shampoo. Coconut milk mixes with slight lemon juice and gets coconut cream. You can get a good result to use it after shampoo.

03. Banana and olive oil’s hair mask:

Banana and olive oil provide moisture and nutrients. If you use it regularly then it helps you to remove curl from curly hair.

Banana and olive oil
– 2 ripe bananas.
– – 2 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil.

What to do?
– Banana mixes with olive oil and make it smooth paste.
– Use it on the whole hair and make a shower cap.
– Use shampoo after 2-3 hours.


04. Castor Oil:

Yes! Castor oil can make hair silky and straight.

Castor Oil

Just pure Castor oil on the length of your hair (do not mix any oil)

What to do?
Use less heated Caster oil on your hair and skull. Wash it after 2-3 hours. If you wash only a time, then it could not be removed totally. On that case use shampoo again if you want. I use this recipe and got a good result. Coconut milk or normal milk is best for me. I can’t say this treatment would make hair straight like pin point and rebounding. But this conditioning treatment reduces your hair’s frizzy mood and weave.


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