Beloved Amitabh and the magic Flower

Beloved Amitabh and the magic Flower

Amitabh was engaged to be married to a young girl. One day, this girl discover that her stepmother, an evil witch was planning to kill her. To save her life, she fled with her beloved Amitabh who somehow managed to stole the witch’s magic wand.

When the wicked stepmother learnt of their escape, she put on her seven league boots and caught the young people in no time. When they heard her coming, Amitabh waved the magic wand, transformed the girl into a flower, and himself into a violin.

Beloved Amitabh and the magic Flower

But the witch realized that the beautiful flower was her stepdaughter and was about to pick it, when; the violin; Amitabh, began to play. Since it was a magic violin, the witch could not prevent herself from dancing faster and faster, until, at last, she fell down from exhaustion. Before she expired, however, she caused Amitabh to lose his memory.

So, when the effect of the magic wore off, and the violin became Amitabh again, he no longer remembered that the flower was his love and he went away, leaving it where it was.

The red flower was later picked by a shepherd, who took it home and put it in a vase. From that day on, when the shepherd used to come home each evening from the pasture, he found the house in perfect order. He soon realised that there was something like magic at work, so one day he pretended to leave his home as normal, but hid himself, instead, in the wardrobe.

And so he discovered that it was the flower which was working by virtue of magic. Immediately, the shepherded recited a spell which he himself had learnt from a magician and the flower changed back into a beautiful young maiden again.

Later, the young women of the country were invited to sing at a celebration for the new prince, who was none other then the maiden’s beloved Amitabh. The voice of his beloved brought back his memory, and Amitabh recognized her at once and insisted on marrying her that very day, and the good shepherd was the best man.


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