Bella Thorne Passionately Makes Out With Girlfriend — Watch Wild Sexy Video

Bella Thorne (19), American actress, singer, author, model and dancer went out with some friends on 24th April and ended up getting very comfortable with one of them! Bella Thorne’s beastie Lo can be seen in her Snapchats almost every single day but the couple took their friendship to a new level when they started making out on the dance floor!

Bella Thorne is holding the camera while Lo caresses her face and passionately kisses her lips in the steamy video. We even dappled a little tongue! Bella Thorne captioned one of the videos “our first kiss” and later on says ‘Ok Lo’ when the friend continues trying to KISS her in the car on the way home.




Bella Throne was definitely feeling herself that night! That same, she was rocking completely see-through lace top that we have shown you before with her NIPPLES and nipple pointed on full display. She was rocking a brown hat and a couple of over-sized yellow grandpa glasses on top of that. It was definitely a look.

Though Bella Throne ended up kissing her friend that night, it looks like another lady was the one she was expecting to romance. Bella Throne posted an image of a gorgeous female friend asking ‘why she so pretty tho?’ and then later Snapshotted the girl singing and saying ‘she is so hot been hitting on her all night. Not sure she catches my drift.’ Oh no! Definitely we have all been there. At least she will always have her girl Lo to lean on!



Salahuddin Sagar

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