Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Once upon a time a man was lost in a snowstorm. He had wandered about for a long time, and had little hope left when, through the show, he noticed a castle. When he reached there, he found all the candles lit, and a table was set for meal, but no one was there.

He ate the meal himself anyway, and then he fell asleep. When he awoke, the storm had passed, and the man was just preparing to leave, when he noticed a flowering rose tree.

He decided to pick a rose and take it home for his daughter, Beauty. Suddenly, the owner of the castle appeared. He was so fearsome that the man thought him a beast.

Beauty and the Beast

‘Have you not been given enough already?’ Beast asked the traveler furiously. ‘Why are you taking my flower, as well? As a punishment, now you will die.’ The traveler begged Beast to relent. And the Beast agreed that his life would only be spared if he would send his daughter to the castle. So Beauty had to go to the castle, and as had happened with her father, there was  no-one to meet her in the castle.

The Beast only showed himself to her after some days had passed. And day by day both of them got into the habit of eating together, despite the fact that the sight of him was always a shock to Beauty. But every day, she was impressed more and more by his kindness and gentleness.

As for Beast, he had fallen in love with the young girl, but he knew that the feeling would never be the same for her, because of the way he looked.

The pain of this feeling gradually made him grow weaker and weaker, until it seemed that he was on the verge of death. Beauty finding him on his deathbed, was so moved by the Sight that she burst into tears.

One of Beauty’s tears fell on the Beast’s face, and that was enough to work as a miracle. Suddenly, the monster changed into a handsome young man. He sprang from the bed. They embraced each other, and from that day on the two lovers lived happily together in perfect harmony.


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