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Angelina Jolie Celebrates Divorce From Actor Brad Pitt!

It is Angelina Jolie’s party and she will laugh if she wants to! The coldhearted actress Angelina Jolie is officially marking her entry into the single life by throwing herself a divorce celebration, has exclusively learned that.

An insider told that ‘Angilina Jolie does not want to call it a divorce party, so instead she calls it her ‘manumission’’ which the dictionary defines as the act of freeing and she is banning all mention of Brad Pitt at it.

As Radar reported, Angelina Jolie (42) has been going through a bitter divorce and custody battle with her ex, Brad Pitt (53) since their divorce late last year.


Angelina jolie

Now, Angelina Jolie’s banished hubby Brad Pitt will likely be nowhere near the most important event on her social calendar because she is throwing the shindig in England.

The insider also noted that ‘She is hosting it in London with her new best circle of companion, including Baroness and British politician Arminka Helic.’


However, do not hope to read about the party in the press.



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