Amber Heard is really homeless!

At the present time Hollywood actress Amber Heard is really homeless. Now she don’t have any permanent house in U.S. Ex-husband Johnny Deep possess the joint ownership house of Amber and Johnny.

So, Amber have to search new shelter. In the divorce judgment (by the court) Deep had paid seven million dollars to Amber.

Amber Heard

And got the ownership of Los Angeles house by the court. So legally Amber has no possession of that very house.

The announcement of the final judgment of divorce, Amber Heard went to the London. At present there she is doing movie shooting called Justice League.

From there a close person of Amber said the ‘Ok Magazine’ that, now this actress is mentally upset.

Because she don’t know after get back Los Angeles where will she go? Where to stay? So the house she lived now there live other men after Johnny got the house.

There the entry of Amber banned completely. Even, when Amber sent someone to take necessary goods for her then Deep’s friends deny to give him.

It is noticed that, after divorce Amber got 7 million dollars from Johnny, that dollar she donate to a charity.


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