45 Things Probably You Don’t Know About Alana Blanchard

Alana Blanchard is an American professional surfer and occasional bikini model. She was born on 5 March, 1990,Kauai, Hawaii, United States. Her character like based on the real-life professional surfer Alana Blanchard her surfboard in two,she for dropping in on Malina like her character.

alana-blanchard- lips...03
alana-blanchard- lips…03

1 Her Nickname is Lana,AB
2 Alana’s Full Name is Alana Rene Blanchard.
3 She was born on 5 March, 1990,Kauai, Hawaii, United States.
4 She dislikes the word super happy
5 Height : 5 feet 8 inches or 173 cm

6 Alana’s Favorite Actor is Judy Garland
7 Favorite Movie : Shredbots
8 Favorite Color : Blue.
9 Favorite Sports : Surfing.
10 Blanchard graduated from UCLA with degrees in education, psychology.
11 Her favorite tv episod is Surfer Girl.

alana-blanchard face....01
alana-blanchard face….01

12 Her favorite singers Darius Rucker.
13 Occupation Professional Surfer, Occassional Bikini Model
14 Alana favorite food healthy snacks,her diet consists predominantly of fruit and veggies.
15 She speaks (Language) She speaks English.
16 Ranked Jan 14, 2014 She is the 10th-ranked female surfer in the world.

Surfer Poll Awards
Surfer Poll Awards

17 Eye Color Blown colored eyes that gives her more charming looks.
18 She Likes Play : She was played by actress Lorraine Nicholson in the 2011 film Soul Surfer.
19 She loves Jack freestone.
20 She Hates : She is model, surfer, has released a new episode I definitely have some bratty moments where I hate him but at the end of .
21 First Car : Her fast cars is Lowered cars.
22 Drinks : Rockstar Energy Drink.

alana-blanchard celebrity...01
alana-blanchard celebrity…01

23 Brother : Bryan blanchad.
24 Alana is inspired by Her Family.
25  Malina likes her character.
26 Nationality American
27 First Red Carpet Her first red carpet she looks like her right here hitting the red carpet, Alana receives a social media award for.she is the hottest property in career prizemoney, she said surfing remained her first priority.

alana-blanchard celebrity...01
alana-blanchard celebrity…01

28 Award info 2013 World Championship Tour Qualifier, Ranked 7th on ASP Women’s World Ranking, 2009 Vans Hawaiian Pro Champion, 2009 Haleiwa Pro Champion, 2009 Van’s Triple Crown Runner up, 2009 WCT Sunset Pro, 3rd.
29 Natural Hair Color Blonde
30 She also loves car driving just around in new york.
31 Favorite beach Is Hanalei Bay where she loves doing surfing.
32 Training Ground Hanalei Bay


33 About Alana Blanchard is an American professional surfer and occasional bikini model.Alana surfs on the ASP World Tour. Alana is involved in designing Rip Curl bikinis.Alana Blanchard is easily one of the most famous surfers on the planet.

34 Something that most people don’t know about :she has three tiny dogs named Chewy, Yogi, and Mojo.
35 Ethnicity White
36 Marital Status Unmarried
37 Favorite Waves Hanalei Bay
38 Favorite Maneuvers Air.

39 First Film Soul Surfers (2011)
40 First TV Show Alana Blanchard has her own show, Surfer Girl. This show follows her life as a surfer and model.
41 Best Known for Alana is best known as surfer.
42 Sponsors Rip Curls clothing and wetsuits, Reef footwears, Spy Optic, Sticky Bumps, Go Pro cameras, Rockstar energy drinks.
43 Best Friend Bethany Hamilton
44 Official website

alana-blanchard hair style...01
alana-blanchard hair style…01

45 Modelling Career She is also a gorgeous bikini model and de modelling for Rip Curls. She also designs the bikinis of Rip Curls. She did the film in 2011 titled,’ Soul Surfer’ where she played the character of Lorraine Nicholson. She is also doing her own TV show titled ‘Surfer Girl’ where she is portraying her own life in Hawaii


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