42 Things Probably You Don’t Know About Georgia May Jagger

Georgia May Jagger was born in London, She is an British Model.she bron in 12 January 1992,and educated in Southern College.In 2009, she was signed with cosmetics company Rimmel,And she Wins Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards(2009), given a Red Carpet Fashion Awards(Oct 11, 2013),In a present she is an Famous Model in the world.

georgia-may-jagger-face photo-01
georgia-may-jagger-face photo-01

1 Her Nickname is Georgia
2 Georgia’s Full Name is Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger.
3 She was born on 12 January 1992, London, England, UK.

Georgia_May_Jagger_celebrity photo..01
Georgia_May_Jagger_celebrity photo..01

4 She dislikes the spelling Jorja.
5 Height : 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
6 Her favorite Painter is a Lucian Freud.
7 Her favorite Shop is Harrods pet Kingdom.
8 Favorite Color is Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Red.
9 Georgia’s trade mark is Gap-toothed look

georgia-may-jagger-Ramp show photo-02
georgia-may-jagger-Ramp show photo-02

10 Her Education from Southern College.
11 Favorite television show Twin Peaks
12 Favorite Singers Mick Jagger
13 Her Occupation Fashion model.
14 Her favorite food is Vietnamese.
15 She speaks (Language) English.
16 Ranked #42 Georgia May Jagger Top 99 Women 2014 .

georgia-may-jagger-Award photo-02
georgia-may-jagger-Award photo-02

17 Parents Occupation : Her father the founder member of “The Rolling stone”, and her mom is a popular model
18 She Likes Play : Georgia May Jagger playing ball in their back garden.
19 She loves Josh McLellan. (her boy friends)
20 She hates cockroaches,and also hate maths.
21 Her First Car is Vogue Car.
22 She drinks lots of water,cocktails and coffee.

georgia-may-jagger-action loking photo-01
georgia-may-jagger-action loking photo-01

23 Brother/Sister : Gabriel Jagger,James Jagger,Lucas Jagger (half-brother) ,Sister of Elizabeth Jagger, Gabriel Jagger and Jim Jagger.
24 Her inspire her mom always says that the most important part of everything I do is to be interested/curious about many things, have fun and be happy. Another important advice which I always follow is to be myself, have my own style and never think about other people’s judgments.
25 She like her mom and used to tell my mom and Lizzy and she like this character best.
26 Nationality British (English)
27 First Red Carpet Her First red carpet,but will also for the first time showcase the German labels new fine jewellery rules of her first red carpet.


28 Award info Wins Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards(2009),Red Carpet Fashion Awards(Oct 11, 2013).
29 Natural Hair Color Blonde.
30 She also love a Horse riding.
31 Favourite Christmas: It’s too hard to say but I just really like to spend time all together with my family as we are always in different places and we don’t get the chance to hang out together that often.
32 Marital Status: Unmarried.

georgia-may-jagger-wallpaper photo-01
georgia-may-jagger-wallpaper photo-01

33 Eye color Green(Gap-toothed look).
34  Favorite Actress Niece of actress Cyndy Hall and Chris Jagger.
35 Favorite Place New York
36 Favorites and trends at the moment: I am more into the classics – winged black eyeliner with a bold red lip. Of course my favourite beauty tips are to drink lots of water, get enough sleep, wear sunscreen and moisturise.

georgia-may-jagger-face photo-02
georgia-may-jagger-face photo-02

37 Favourite designers and labels: I have access to so many great brands like Ray-Ban, Burberry, Persol, Prada… I can’t have a favourite; that’s like asking a mum who her favourite child is.
38 Her most memorable fashion moment in: I always say the iconic Thierry Mugler collections really stand out for me in terms of fashion. There have been some amazing pieces over the years, and wearing the Mugler dress David Koma designed for me for the Met Ball this year (pictured left) was an amazing honour
39 Favorite sunglasses: Lipticks


40 Favorite songs Her favorite songs is lots of..
41 Favorite piece from this Sisley collection: “I was very surprised by the Fall-Winter Sisley collection. It is really amazing and there are many pieces that I would like in my wardrobe. My favorite Sisley pieces are the oversized red coat, the black leather dress with laser cut outs, the see through blouse as well as the strapless fitted pleaded black dress. Accessories too in this collection are extremely comfortable. I am sure you will be seeing me next fall wearing a lot of the pieces in the Sisley collection.
42 Favorite Book: Her favorite book is The convergence of science and Spirituality by dadai lama.


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